About Mac & Key

Smart writing.Incomparable creative.Flawless execution.We have a complete team with the breadth of expertise to deliver results.

For over 7 years, Mac & Key Ventures has collaborated with clients from individuals,local SMEs to global corporations, spanning across a myriad of
industries. Our holistic experience in integrating
branding,design,marketing and communications solutions have empowered brands to Go-To-Market effectively.

We are built for facing challenges and we believe the only way to achieve success is through
collaboration. Our compromise is to always drive a positive change in people, companies and

What makes us happiest is making a difference for our clients. Whether it is designing a new brand
aligned with strategic goals, helping you build brand presence, or taking your brand to new markets, we shall get you where you need to be.

At Mac & Key our team thrives on the open exchange of creative ideas. By gaining a detailed understanding of your customer journey, we provide the best possible positioning of your brand during the moments of maximum influence, ensuring that you reach your customers in the right place, at the right time, with the right message.

Your Mac & Key Experience

  • 11What are you trying to accomplish?

    First, we put the spotlight on you:

    • What is your current business process?
    • What critical outcomes are you trying to solve for? 
    • How are you currently printing?
  • 22How do we improve your process?

    Next, we let you kick the tires:

    • Get a custom demo to see Mac & Key in action
    • Get physical samples of your assets
  • 33We design your solution based on your needs:

    • Do you have any non-standard requirements?
    • What non-print services do you need? – Physical proof?
  • 44Let’s go!

    Now it’s time to onboard

    Place your first order – Print + Proof + Deliver

Meet the team

Julie Kabogo


Sarah Mueni

Sales & Marketing

Kenneth Murithi

Graphics Design

George Otieno

Print Technician

Simon Kanyiri

Print Technician

Jackie Gitonga

Transport & Logistics

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